PAM Berlin Industrial Baggys

Sealable Bags
For grouping, storing, consignment selling and warehousing products; practical for opening and closing frequently. Special designs with white stamp area or insert (dental bags).
PAM Berlin Industrial Sealable Bags


Flat Bottom Bags
Particularly suitable for food packaging when it comes to highly transparent, impressive product protection!
PAM Berlin Industrial Flat bottom Bags


Flat Bags
Transparent bags made from LDPE, with or without seal, optionally available with flat bottom or side seam. Available in nearly all dimensions.
PAM Berlin Industrial Flat bags


Hook Bags
Made from highly transparent film, CPP quality, with a weight of 50 μ and 75 μ and with a welded plastic die-cast hook at the bottom of the bag or under the flap/opening. Available with permanent adhesive seal or reseable tape on the flap.
PAM Berlin Industrial Hook Bags


Header Bags
Sealable packaging for optimal product presentation with additional transverse welding beneath the header, including Euro perforation for hanging.
PAM Berlin Industrial Header Bags


Seal Flap Bags
Suitable for textiles, for example; with slanted or straight cut flap with adhesive seal. Formats, designs and quantities on request!
PAM Berlin Industrial Seal Flap Bags


Draw String Bags
Food-compatible or tear-resistant polyfilm bags with drawstring; in various designs and strengths, as required.
PAM Berlin Industrial Draw String Bags


Sliding Bags
Reusable sliding seal bags made from LDPE in 60 µ and 70 µ quality.
PAM Berlin Industrial Sliding Bags


Security Bags
With a security seal for sensitive and valuable items and to cater for various security requirements. Often used in banks, by security, transport and courier companies or at airport security, etc.
PAM Berlin Industrial Security Bags


Side Folding Bags
We always produce these items to order using LD-PE, HD-PE and MD-PE. Please ask us about the formats, designs and quantities that you require.
PAM Berlin Industrial Side Folding Bags


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