PAM Berlin corporate mission statement

As an innovative service partner to the hotel industry, retail and catering sectors, we develop and use our expertise to strengthen and expand our position on the national and international market. The benefit to the customer is at the heart of all PAM Berlin activities.

Customer-driven approach

Our challenge is to provide all our customers with high-quality, excellent service at an appropriate price. We listen to our customers so that we understand their needs. PAM Berlin itself will be a fair customer to its own suppliers and service providers.

Innovation and products

To benefit our customers, we continually invest in improving our products and in developing new products.
PAM Berlin makes product decisions on a long-term basis and views itself as an innovative company that respects the environment and continually and consistently adapts to the needs and development of its customers.
After all, our customers' success is our success.


The success of a company also depends significantly on the actions of its employees. Training and advancing our employees and the quality of internal teamwork are thus extremely important to us.
PAM Berlin will continually promote every employee who fulfils these requirements by completing their tasks to an excellent standard, by showing initiative and by taking entrepreneurial action. Cooperation at PAM Berlin is based on the essential values of openness, honesty, trust, respect and fairness.
All employees are respected for their individual personalities. With this in mind, we value the benefits that the diversity of people and their ideas bring.
The company is committed to providing training to give young people opportunities.
PAM Berlin aims to achieve the greatest possible level of equal opportunities and to provide performance-based payment and continuous personal development.


PAM Berlin takes a responsible approach to the use of natural resources. We fulfil our corporate social responsibility as a small business and will thus always support social, non-profit and charitable projects.

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